Rasa Kan

Gene was very professional and always available to help. He went the extra mile to take us through our home and gave us some ideas to uplift the house. Unlike other realtors, Gene has an extensive knowledge of home renovation, he was a great help to fix up my home. He has done many works in my home by going above and beyond such as changing a light fixture for us. He didn’t have to but he understood my financial situation and that’s what makes him stand apart. Have you had your realtor offer to help you to paint, fix your cupboard doors..? He truly cares and always there for his client. He was the one to go to for anything; if he didn’t know it he referred us to someone that could do it. He stood up for us and fought for my best and not just trying to sell it for the sake of it. He is a go getter; honest and reliable. He is out there doing everything he can to make it work for us. I was not able to sell this home for several months, Gene approached me and promised that he can sell it and he did. Gene is the expert to work with. It has been an utmost pleasure working with Gene.