As a lifelong renter, entering the house market for the first time was a nerve racking experience. I had dealt with a couple other agents on a casual basis prior to being introduced to Gene Kay. They were good agents who provided professional real estate services, and I have no qualms with them. But Gene Kay has an elevated approach & attitude toward aiding his clients. He views and refers to the people he represents in the capacity as buyer or seller as clients long after the transaction(s) are finished. He makes his himself available for a range of problems or services, sometimes on incredibly short notice. Myself I purchased an attractive property which required significant bathroom & kitchen upgrading for appearance and house marketability sake. Not being a skilled person in the area of home renovations or maintenance I required a full range of assistance. Gene though thoroughly explained the stages in the home renovation process, and what were my options. We went shopping at the big box DIY stores and eventually agreed upon the choice of new flooring & bathroom components (vanity, sink etc) for my house. On one trip after collecting a range of those items I came to the embarrassing realization that I left my wallet at home, while waiting in line at the cashier. I had been up late the night before and omitted to grab my wallet as I left the house. Gene without hesitation covered those purchases, until I could get home, grab my bank card and go to the bank. Another example of how his patience was tested was when I called him and asked him to come over immediately for something that was far from an emergency. I just discovered my neighbour had some home construction materiel relevant to some projects I had planned. He laughed it off, but it was incident that had the possibility to create bad blood. So in retrospect even though I have to admit that I have been a bit off a pain, Gene continues to assist me when necessary. It would be a mistake to intrepid his good nature as a sign he might be a weak agent for either the role of selling a property or representing you in the purchase process. He is a sharp on the spot thinker who prepares himself well with persuasive strategies. A formable negotiator he consistently obtains the best results for his clients. I will continue to utilize his services in the future should I decide to move or purchase an investment property. I feel confident that Gene is the best choice of agents.